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About Southern Elegance

We have a family of cooks with over 100 years of experience and family secret recipes.  When we gather with family for the holidays, we have enough food to feed an army. 

It all started with our mother preparing dishes for work potlucks.  With the scrumptious savor, people would ask her to prepare dishes and event meals.  We would help her cater for parties, wedding receptions, banquets and church events from our kitchen.

This is a homegrown business with a humble beginning.  We have outgrown our home-based kitchen and are expanding to a full service event venue. 

A very special Thank You to our family and friends who tell others about us.  We are passionate about what we do: exceeding expectations with carefully prepared delicious food, outstanding customer service, and a breath-taking venue of ambience. 

We want you to be our special guest at Southern Elegance.